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How Can I Scale Up My Account?

Never depend on small capital.

At True Forex Funds, we are committed to rewarding your success and helping your trading journey. That’s why we’re excited to announce an updated version of our Scaling Up plan that not only fuels your trading ambitions but also offers incredible growth potential.

True Forex Funds clients are entitled to a 25% initial account size increase every 90 days if they generate an overall profit of 8% and make at least 3 withdrawals.

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As our objectives align with yours, we provide you with funded accounts that allow you to leverage on market movements while minimizing your financial risks.

How to get a $2.5 million account

The revamped True Forex Funds Scaling Up plan allows traders to their way up to an amazing $2.5 million in account size.

If you start with a $400,000 account and manage to increase your account size by 25% every 90 days, you could reach the $2.5 million milestone in just approximately 5 years.* All you have to do is reach a 8% profit margin and complete three withdrawals while staying within the drawdown limits for 90 days.

Automatic account upgrade with new loss limits

Once you meet the criteria, we’ll upgrade your account automatically.

On top of that, your loss limits are adjusted according to the new account size after scaling up.

Here’s how it works with a $100,000 account:

  1. Open an account, pass one of our evaluation process (One Phase, Two Phase, Quick and Timeless Funding), and receive your funded account.
  2. Begin trading and keep up with the objectives to qualify for our scaling program. Generate an 8% profit ($8,000) on your $100,000 account within 90 days.
  3. Withdraw your profits at any time without affecting your scaling plan. Just remember to make at least three withdrawals before scaling up.
  4. Upon qualifying, we’ll scale up your account by 25% automatically, resulting in a new funded account of $125,000.
  5. Continue to scale your account.

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Get funded

*This is an estimate and actual time may vary depending on individual trading performance and market conditions.

To qualify for the $2.5 million Scaling Up plan, you must:

  • Generate 8% overall profit in your funded account
  • Make at least three withdrawals before scaling up
  • You can increase the account size by 25% in every 90 days
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