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How Do I Become a Funded Trader?

True Forex Funds is looking for motivated traders who are keen on success.

We have implemented a 5 Minimum Trading Days policy for the Standard One Phase and Two Phase Evaluation Process to assure every profitable trader can take place in our funded program. This enables us to attract the finest traders worldwide, who want to trade with a Proprietary Trading firm.

Furthermore, as our firm primarily caters to traders, we offer both the Quick Funding and Timeless Fundings programs. These programs have no minimum trading day requirements and no restricted trading periods respectively. They are designed specifically for participants in the Two Phase Evaluation Process.

Registering an account takes a couple of minutes next to receiving the login credentials by email to start trading. As soon as the evaluation process rules are met and the account is verified by our professional team, our clients proceed forward either from Phase 1 to Phase 2 or from the Evaluation to the Funded Program.

Our clients can become our funded traders rapidly to start earning at institutional alike levels, but this transitioning period solely depends on the trader’s preparedness and actions.

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