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Can I Get a Free Retry with True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds offers free retries for traders whose account balance and equity are positive, but failed to meet the profit target requirements.

We know the market may be turbulent sometimes, personal tasks may intersect plans or unexpected delays may kneel down expectations. This is why we introduced the Free retry plan for every Evaluation Account.

Unlimited free retries

We offer unlimited free retries for all evaluation accounts if they meet the free retry requirements. That’s right. You may try as many times as you wish as long as your balance and equity stay positive, and you trade the minimum trading days.

How does it work?

If the trading objectives are kept:

  1. The maximum daily loss stays under the limit, and
  2. The maximum overall loss stays under the limit, and
  3. The minimum trading days (if applicable) are traded,


  1. the profit target is not met under the cut-off time period, and
  2. the account balance (and equity) is positive,

True Forex Funds will issue a Free retry account to start over at the current stage.

Start over where you finished

Free retry accounts are issued automatically to the Phase where you left off.

  • If a Phase 1 of Two Phase Funding or One Phase Funding account’s 30 days trading period expired, but the Free retry conditions are met, we will send new Phase 1 login credentials, usually the following business day.
  • If a Phase 2 account‘s trading period expired with a Free retry acceptance, then we will send a new Phase 2 account, in due time.

All new free retry accounts will arrive with the original initial deposit, and required to pass the corresponding Trading Objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does True Forex Funds offer free retries?

Yes. Traders may receive a free retry on all accounts on True Forex Funds if the free retry conditons are met.

What are the trading objectives and conditions for the free retry accounts?

Free retry accounts are subject to the same trading objectives and conditions as the failed phase of the original account.

What is the deposit size of free retry accounts?

Free retry accounts have the same starting deposit as the original accounts.

How do I requedst a free retry at True Forex Funds?

Free retry accounts are issued automatically.

How long does it take to receive a free retry account?

The login details to free retry accounts are usually sent the during the following 1-2 business days .

How many times can I have a free retry at True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds offers free unlimited retries, provided that the free retry conditions are met.

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