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Is There a Refundable Fee at True Forex Funds?

The evaluation is critical for both our clients and True Forex Funds since our interest is in funding them besides the time, effort and proprietary accounts our professional team invests in our trader’s career opportunities.

All account options (i.e., Two Phase, One Phase, Quick and Limitless Funding) have one-time fees, which is the maximum payment traders will ever pay. This fee covers all potential losses, ensuring that traders can’t lose more, even if they make mistakes or face market uncertainties.

The fee also safeguards our operating expenses including technology panels, staff, office supplies, customer service, marketing and all the healthy costs that make a company firm and our clients enjoy unnoticeably.

Our program is a highly valued service, amongst our clients, hence the pricing is fair. Nevertheless, we value excellence! Once our clients withdraw their first profit split from the Funded Program, the corresponding Phase 1 accounts’ initial fee will be refunded to their chosen payout method.

When a trader has a stake in the outcome, so to speak, they are motivated to handle their account carefully and responsibly, just like our client’s accounts which are not sent for gambling purposes, but for farseeing results. We are looking for experienced traders who can make profits and trade proprietary accounts.

Trading entails high risk and potential profits. The fee is not refundable once the trading has been started on the account or one breached the Trading Objectives. This is why we ask our clients to read and follow our rules carefully to avoid such occurrences.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my refund?

After successfully passing our Evaluation Program, you’ll get your refund with your first Profit Split. The refund is sent to the chosen payout method.

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