Evaluation & Funding

What Is Phase 2?

Having navigated through Phase 1, you’ve had a glimpse of the potential success you can achieve with True Forex Funds. Now, Phase 2 is designed to cultivate and solidify profitable trading behaviors, a disciplined approach to trading, and a demonstration of your commitment.

There are common objectives in Phase 2 for all three account types: 

  • 5% profit target
  • 5% max daily loss limit
  • 10% max overall loss limit

Each account type carries its unique features in Phase 2:

  • Standard Account: A minimum of 5 trading days is required in this phase as well, spread across a 60-day period.
  • Quick Funding Account: This account type removes the requirement of completing the 5 minimum trading days.
  • Timeless Funding Account: With this account type, the 60-day trading period limit is removed, offering you an extended time frame to reach the 5% profit target.

Once the 5% profit target is met and your Phase 2 results are evaluated and verified, we’ll collect regular KYC documents and get your funded account ready for you.

Phase 2 reinforces the practices you learned in Phase 1, while easing the path toward your final goal of becoming a funded trader at True Forex Funds. We’re here to ensure your progression is smooth and that your profitable trading habits are solidified. We hope you will join us as one of our next funded traders on our exciting journey ahead.

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