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How Can I Merge My Funded Accounts?

Merging accounts is a possible solution for all users who want to enjoy trading their strategy with our Maximum Capital or focus on one account only.

Account merging is available for all funded accounts in the Funded Program. The only requirement is the accounts must have a clear trading history, in other words, no trades should be placed on them. Different currency-, or platform accounts are not mergeable.

We’d like to represent the common options to merge accounts.

  1. Merging two funded accounts
  2. Merging an existing funded account with an awaiting one
  3. Merging two successfully passed Phase 2 accounts

1. Two separate funded accounts can be merged. If one of the accounts has been traded, then after withdrawing the profit split from it, is possible to merge with another funded account.

2. An existing funded account with no trading history can be merged with an awaiting for acceptance account. This is most common when a trader’s other account passed Phase 2 and the client requested the merging before issuing a single account to the Funded Program.

3. If two Phase 2 accounts passed the Evaluation Process, upon request we can merge them to start the Funded Program with one account.

You can merge your accounts as you wish under your accounts section until the maximum capital allocation.


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