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How Does the Profit Split Work with True Forex Funds?

At True Forex Funds, we believe in rewarding our funded traders fairly and transparently. That’s why we have a profit split system where 80% of closed profits from funded accounts go to the traders, while the remaining 20% helps cover True Forex Funds’ expenses. The process to withdraw your earnings is simple and straightforward.

What’s unique about our approach?

We run the profit split bi-weekly, offering regular opportunities to cash out your hard-earned gains. Additionally, we don’t impose any pre-defined trading periods or targets.

As long as you maintain our Trading Objectives, the account remains tradable. The amount of profit you generate and withdraw solely depends on your trading performance – we don’t set any restrictions or limitations.

Payout Cycle at True Forex Funds

The bi-weekly payout cycle begins with your first actual trade on the funded account. For example, if your first trade takes place on the 2nd of the month, your first payout date would be the 16th. We simply add 14 days to the date of your first trade. This start date is also visible in your client area.

All trades must be closed by the end of the day prior to the payout date. For example, if your payout date is the 16th, your trades should be closed by 23:59:59 CET on the 15th.

To read more about available Payout methods at True Forex Funds, visit this page: https://trueforexfunds.com/assistance-post/what-are-your-payout-methods/

Confirming Payout Eligibility at True Forex Funds

To confirm your eligibility for a payout, ensure the following:

  1. Your account balance (including equity) is positive.
  2. You’ve complied with our Trading Objectives, as shown in your dashboard.
  3. All your trades are closed by 23:59:59 CET the day before the payout date.

On payout dates, we’ll send an email notification to eligible clients. After receiving this, you can request your profit split in the Client area. Please note, after the profit split is confirmed, your current account will close.

We initiate the profit split according to CET timezone on the payout date, and your account will conclude. Typically, you’ll receive your new login credentials the following business day, along with the original initial deposit, enabling you to continue trading on a fresh new account.

However, if no profits are made but the Trading Objectives are maintained, the payout date will simply move forward to the end of the next 14-day cycle. For example, if your first payout date was the 16th but no profit was made, your next payout date would be the 30th of the month.

Despite the fact that we theoretically have no minimum withdrawal threshold, we only execute profit splits larger than $50 (same in EUR or GBP) due to the possibility that our clients service provider may charge a processing fee. However, there is no maximum limit for withdrawals. If the minimum withdrawal threshold is not reached the profit split is automatically postponed to the next available payout date.

At True Forex Funds, our commitment to transparency and fairness means you can trade with the confidence of knowing exactly when and how you’ll receive your deserved profits.

True Forex Funds Profit Split FAQs

What is the profit split at True Forex Funds?

At True Forex Funds, funded traders receive 80% of closed profits from their accounts, while 20% helps cover the company’s expenses.

How often does True Forex Funds process profit splits?

True Forex Funds processes profit splits on a bi-weekly basis. The cycle begins with your first trade on the funded account and continues every 14 days thereafter.

What happens to my funded account after the profit split?

Once the profit split is confirmed, the current funded account ends. New login credentials and the original initial deposit are provided the next business day for you to continue trading on a fresh account.

How can I check my eligibility for a payout?

You can check your eligibility by ensuring that your account balance is positive, you’ve complied with the Trading Objectives, and all trades are closed by the end of the day prior to the payout date.

What happens if I don’t make any profits but keep the Trading Objectives?

If you do not make profits but maintain the Trading Objectives, the payout date simply moves forward to the end of the next 14-day cycle.

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