About True Forex Funds

How Can I Become a Trader with True Forex Funds?

Trading, just like any other profession, requires hard work, skills, and dedication. While mastering your trading techniques is up to you, becoming a trader with True Forex Funds can boost your trading career and help you achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Our traders can get funded up to $400,000. This allows them to trade with large amounts of money and make the most of the market. And we offer an 80/20 profit split. The registration fee at True Forex Funds is also refundable.

Making mistakes in trading can be expensive, and traders who can’t control their feelings often fail in the market. We trust our traders, so they don’t have to pay for any losses at True Forex Funds. We cover all losses to help remove stress and allow our traders to focus on their trading strategies and reaching their goals.

Our 2-Phase evaluation process is not only designed to help us better understand your trading skills, but it can also help our traders learn how to set realistic goals. This way, we believe, that both professionals and beginners can succeed at True Forex Funds.

At True Forex Funds, we are committed to rewarding your success and helping you grow in your trading journey. That’s the reason why we have created our Scaling Up plan that not only fuels your trading ambitions but also offers incredible growth opportunities.

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