About True Forex Funds

What Is the CEO’s Message to New Traders?

Letter From the CEO:

To our Clients,

At True Forex Funds, our work is to provide excellence to our customers for trading Forex and other CFD products. We have gone through great hardship to be here today, offering exceptional trading solutions next to discretionary proprietary accounts. Our customer division is aligned around our clients and our core values.

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished since our founding, but even more excited for all that lies ahead of us. We’re still growing, gaining access to new markets and developing new features, offering you the chance to help shape True Forex Funds’ future.

We aim to put clients first. Our expertise allows us to care with the utmost attention for individuals around the world. Our data-based focus opened up new opportunities for our traders, that we proudly present.

As a new company, we are committed to innovation in technology, improving clients’ lives, while sustainably realizing profitability.

Richard Nagy
Chairman and CEO

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