Do you find the two-phase evaluation process taking up too much of your time? We have some great news for you: the True Forex Funds One Phase Funding is available on all accounts!

With a single payment starting from €89, you can become a fully funded trader with True Forex Funds by passing just one challenge all the while being entitled to the same profits as with the two-phase approach!

Your shortcut to success

The new one-phase evaluation process will break you free from the constraints of having to pass two challenges. Curious to learn more how? Dive in and discover the future of your trading career!

One Phase Funding Challenge: Quicker and Smarter for the Same Price

Here are the exciting new benefits of One Phase Funding:

Faster: We’ve streamlined the evaluation process to save you precious time. Instead of going through two phases, you’ll complete everything in one efficient evaluation phase. Your access to capital just got quicker and more accessible, as short as five days.

Smarter: We have set the One Phase Funding targets lower so that your progress will not be disrupted. In fact, these adjustments are designed to leverage your motivation for success even further.

Same Price: The One Phase Funding costs the same for all account sizes as the similar-sized Two Phase Challenge. So you’ll get all the benefits without any extra costs.

Join us and experience the difference today!

The One Phase Funding Challenge is your ticket to a faster, smarter, and more affordable trading journey. 

One Phase Funding Challenge: Details and Benefits

Let’s explore the key details of our One Phase Evaluation Funding Challenge:

  • 10% profit target: actually lower than the combined targets of the Two-Phase Challenge.
  • Minimum 5 Trading Days: In just 5 days, you can get full funding with True Forex Funds.
  • Maximum daily loss limit of 3%: A reasonable limit to fuel your further success.
  • Maximum loss limit of 6%: A generous drawdown limit.
  • 30 Trading Day Period: A comfortable time frame to demonstrate your skills.

But that’s not all:

You will enjoy the same pricing structures and account sizes as our standard 2-phase funding program, starting at €89. And of course, the same benefits as you passed the challenge – including a full fee refund and unlimited free retries as well as a chance to upgrade your account!

One phase challenge and funded

*Please note that the one-phase and two-phase funding challenges cannot merge together for transparency and risk control.

True Forex Funds Care About Your Success

Your success is our top priority. We provide transparent funding options, support your unique needs, and create a fair trading environment. Our commitment to risk management safeguards your capital. With us, you’re not just a trader; you’re a valued member of our community. We’re here to empower you on your trading journey and help you achieve your financial goals.

Trust in True Forex Funds because we care about your success!

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