Breaching the Trading Objectives

True Forex Funds Trading Objectives are tailored around Proprietary Trading. The Loss Limits are standardized to have enough room for risk to maintain a positive cash flow and prevent greater downturns. Breaching our Loss Limits does not mean of sudden denial from the program, but an instructive reflection of where, what or how one can revolutionize its strategy or plan.

If the Trading Objectives are breached, the corresponding account is automatically inactivated from the dashboard and loses eligibility to continue, regardless of account type. The same steps follow if the accounts balance (and equity) is below the initial deposit at the end of the trading period in the evaluation.

However, we give new opportunities to those who want to become our absolute traders. The evaluation can be launched again by registering a brand new account in the Client area. Please note that we don’t provide any discounts for retries.

On the other hand, if the account trading period expires but the account balance (and equity) remains positive, without violating the loss limits, we will offer a Free retry account, free of charge.

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