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Vincent got into trading during the 2017 crypto bull run. Ever since he is improving and trading full time. His past profits split adds up to $39,928.72 with True Forex Funds and he is now fully funded to enjoy big returns. Read more about his experience.

I would like to share with you my background briefly before I start to answer your questions. My English name is Vincent from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Before I become a trader, I worked as a structural engineer in a specialist consulting engineering firm based in Kuala Lumpur. I started to trade since the end of 2017. I was trading part-time until early 2019. I quit my engineering job and become a full-time trader around March 2019 and I have been trading full-time since then. Currently, I’m trading for TrueForexFunds, FTMO and FundedNext..

Describe how did you become a trader?
My first trading experience started with Crypto. I remember it was a super bull run in the Crypto market in late 2017. I remember the trading community in Kuala Lumpur back in 2017 was very active and popular, that’s how I got very curious about the idea of making money by trading in the financial market.

What were the obstacles you had to face and how did you overcome these?
The number 1 obstacle of all time that I had to face is to find the most ideal/suitable trading strategy and style unique to myself. I believe if I have the right trading strategy and style for myself, I will become more comfortable and less emotionally attached whenever I have to make a trading decision. What works for others does not necessarily mean that it will work for me. It takes a lot of time and my own trading experience to find the most ideal trading strategy and style that fits me. Always remember and learn from the past mistakes, appreciate all the déjà vu moments that I had in making trading decisions will certainly help a lot.

What do you think are the most outstanding characteristics of profitable traders?
In my opinion, a profitable trader should have all the following traits:
1) Look at things objectively
2) Patience
3) Fearless

How did you get involved with True Forex Funds?
I actually started with FTMO before I involved with TFF. I learned about True Forex Funds from an FTMO community on Facebook.

What was new for you when trading the evaluation process? What was the most difficult part and how did you overcome it?
With the experience I had with FTMO, I can blend in easily as to what to expect and what to follow when it comes to general prop trading rules. I think trader has a slight advantage in TFF compared to FTMO as TFF only required 8% and 4% target profit in Phase 1 & 2 respectively, which is lower than what’s required in FTMO.

How did the evaluation process help you?
The evaluation process helps me to stay focused and make live trading decisions objectively.

Were there any differences when you started trading on the funded account or did you prepare well through the evaluation phases?
I tend to take larger risks in order to hit the fixed target required in evaluation phases whereas in the funded account I can take my own time to trade with smaller risks.

Can you describe your profitable strategy?
I’m a reversal trader. The simplest way to describe my trading strategy is really “Buy Low Sell High”. Low win rate with High reward should be expected.

Do you always follow your trading strategy?
I’m very flexible in making live trading decisions. Generally, I follow my trading strategy most of the time. Whenever I don’t, I will take a smaller risk on that particular trade.

Does psychology affect your trading strategy and how do you deal with market ups and downs? How do you manage your emotions?
2 years ago I think psychology will affect my thought process but now It doesn’t really affect me anymore. Understand that the market ups and downs are normal and there is nothing we can do to change that. Stop Loss placement is #1 trading decision I have to make for each trade. To manage my emotions, I will always make sure that I feel comfortable with the SL placement for each trade. That simply means if the price really does trigger my stop loss, I will not feel a hint of regret and am ready to move on.

What was more difficult than expected when trading with us?
The most difficult part of trading with TFF is the trailing equity based 5% maximum daily drawdown. Other than that, everything is very good.

What was easier than expected when trading with us?
Almost 0 restrictions in trading.

Describe your best trade with us.
My best trade was shorting US100 at macro resistance zone achieving more than 1:5 RR. It was about a +13% gain on that particular trade alone.

What is your number one best advice for new traders?
Stop looking for shortcuts to succeed in trading. You should expect to put in more time to gain live trading experience yourself instead of relying on others. What works for others does not necessarily mean it will work for you. You need to find your own trading strategy and style that is unique to your own lifestyle and personality in order to create your own success journey in trading.

How would you describe a long-term success and what is your tip to be in the game for the long run?
Stay focused and always look at things objectively. A clear mind and thought process are essential to creating a consistent & profitable trading strategy.

How would you rate your experience with True Forex Funds?
Extremely pleased with the team behind TFF. Extremely efficient and friendly.

Will you start another evaluation process?

Lastly, what would you say for people starting Phase 1?
No matter what phase you’re in, always look at the bigger picture. Again, stay focused and always look at things objectively.

We hope that the above Q&A is helpful and inspiring to all of our future traders.

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