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Davy Vanderlinden is trading with True Forex Funds since March 2022. In the past 5 months, he has managed to consistently cash out his 80% profit splits totaling $34,200.83. Besides trading for profits, he is dedicated to expending himself and his knowledge.

Describe how did you become a trader?
For me, it all began with crypto. I was trading crypto pairs, buying and selling and trying also a lot of software. They looked all good in the beginning, but ended very badly!!!

What were the obstacles you had to face and how did you overcome these?
I was listening to toooo many people, everyone said other things. Everyone had a new and good software, strategy, but in the end, nothing was profitable. I tried A LOT! Then I decided to do and try everything on my own!

What do you think are the most outstanding characteristics of profitable traders?
Sounds may be stupid and boring. But patience and emotions are SOOOO important. Without that, you will blow your account for 100%.

How did you get involved with True Forex Funds?
I was in a different telegram group, and there I heard of TFF. Looked on your website, analyzed everything I could, and I think TFF passes with me or I pass with TFF.

What was new for you when trading the evaluation process? What was the most difficult part and how did you overcome it?
That I wanted to be too fast! Also, the slippage hit me a few times.

How did the evaluation process help you?
It helped me to be more patient. Not going with 5 trades in one…

Were there any differences when you started trading on the funded account or did you prepare well through the evaluation phases?
Not really big differences…

Can you describe your profitable strategy?
I am only trading gold! Specialized myself in XAU/USD. Using support and resistance. It works very good for me. Only news and circumstances are not always in my favour… then it can go FAST!

Do you always follow your trading strategy?
Yes! Always!

Does psychology affect your trading strategy and how do you deal with market ups and downs? How do you manage your emotions?
In the past a lot. Every day. I lost and I raised my lot size…
Now I stick with my strategy because I KNOW it’s profitable. So stay patient… stick with your strategy.

What was easier than expected when trading with us?
Receiving new accounts, support chat,… everything is going smooth, really good for a “new” firm.

What is your number one best advice for new traders?
Don’t give up! You WILL blow your account – 100% sure don’t give up!!!

How would you describe a long-term success and what is your tip to be in the game for the long run?
Stick to your strategy and lower lot size if necessary.

Will you start another evaluation process?

Lastly, what would you say for people starting Phase 1?
Don’t go too fast, don’t over leverage
You have many years for this…

We hope that the above Q&A is helpful and inspiring to all of our future traders.

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