Welcome to the next instalment of our Trading Success interview series, where we explore the insights and experiences of some of the top traders at True Forex Funds.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing highlights from our recent interview with Rene Niebuhr, a highly successful trader who has graciously shared his strategies, philosophy, and tips for trading excellence. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge as we dive into his rather unique approach.

Meet Rene, a 35-year-old DJ from Spain who transformed his love for beats into a symphony of success in the world of trading. His path from spinning beats to conquering the financial markets is a tale of ambition, dedication, and unwavering commitment.

Key Notes to Success

Rene’s key note for trading success is a trio of emotional detachment, consistency, and discipline. He underscores the value of a structured framework and daily practice in the ever-changing trading landscape. This formula, he believes, is the foundation for achieving consistent profits.

Rene’s rendezvous with prop firms, particularly True Forex Fund, was a game-changer. He exclaims,

I couldn’t believe that it’s possible to adhere to some rules and secure funding. The opportunity that prop firms offer is pure gold. They could teach us to be more consistent with their trading ideas. It’s a doorway to kick-start your own trading venture.

Finding a prop firm that resonates with your goals and trading style is critical. Rene’s choice of True Forex Funds was driven by practicality, as he reveals,

The allure of low spreads and the seamless, swift communication with True Forex Funds drew me towards this platform.

Rene’s Philosophy of Trading

What started as a boredom-busting hobby quickly escalated into a phenomenal accomplishment. Little did he know that his hobby would skyrocket, yielding an impressive $14,000 in his debut month with True Forex Funds. Rene’s journey, spanning from bitcoin, trading campuses, to forex trading, molding him into the disciplined trader he is today.

Rene’s trading strategy, rooted in simplicity, is a testament to his meticulous approach. Focusing on breakout trades during London sessions and analysing timeframe trends. He described his actions in the interview very clearly.

Finally, Rene underscores the significance of months-long backtesting, learning from online resources, and crafting a rulebook backed by self-conducted tests. His ultimate message: stay persistent for at least six months, unwavering in your approach.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into our interview with Rene, one of the top traders at True Forex Funds. To learn even more, watch the full video interview, which is packed with wisdom and practical advice from a seasoned trading professional.

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