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Profit Split

The profit split is 80% of the funded accounts closed profits.

Funded traders are entitled to their generated profits of 80%, while True Forex Funds expenses are covered with the rest. Our withdrawal procedure is simple and requires only a few basic steps.

The profit split is done on a bi-weekly basis.

Funded traders do not have any pre-defined trading periods or targets, so the account is tradable as long as the Trading Objectives are kept. The profits entirely depend on our trader and we do not set any restrictions or limitations on how much profits one can generate or withdraw.

The bi-weekly withdrawal period starts with the first actual trade placed on the funded account. During the first 14 calendar days cycle, our clients must trade 5 days reasonably to qualify for their profit splits. Since we don’t want to bear hard on anyone, if the precondition is not met, our clients will receive their profit split at the end of their next bi-weekly period.

Let’s see it in action:

If the first actual trade was on the 2nd of the month, the first bi-weekly payout date is on the 16th of the month. We always add 14 to the date when the first trade happened. The starting date is also visible in the Client area.

In this 14 days cycle, our traders perform 5 regular trading days between the 2nd and 15th.

All trades must be closed the previous day to process the profit split. The cut-off time, in this case, would be latest on the 15th of the month at 23:59:59 CE(S)T. On the 16th of the month, no trading is required or approved.

Meanwhile, our clients simply send their profit split request with the funded account number and payout method mentioned to 1-2 business days before their payout date.

To easily determine eligibility for a payout, please check:

  • the time of placing the first trade on the Funded Account and add 14 to it;
  • the account balance (including equity) is positive;
  • at least 5 regular trading days are met ;
  • the dashboard shows no violation of our Trading Objectives;
  • all of the trades are closed at the latest by 23:59:59 CE(S)T the day before the payout date.

We initiate the profit split on the payout date in accordance with the CE(S)T time zone. Usually, the following business day the new login credentials will arrive with the original initial deposit to continue trading on a fresh new account.

It is not mandatory to withdraw bi-weekly. Compounding profits are also available with us.

On the other hand, if profits are not made, but the Trading Objectives are kept, the payout date will automatically be put to the next 14 days cycle end date. In this case, we add 14 to the 16th of the month and the following payout date will fall on the 30th of the month.

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