Evaluating a successful Phase 1 account

Our dashboard displays an extensive overview of the account’s current progress.

If the Trading Objectives are met, a guided memo will inform our clients in their Client area. At the same time, we’ll be notified automatically and start to verify the account. No intervention is needed from the customer side, as we handle their accounts with the utmost care.

Universally, after verifying the Phase 1 account, it will be booked as a successful account and the client will receive a new account for Phase 2. This is administratively the simplest solution for both parties.

We will send the new login credentials with the original initial deposit via email. Also, the new account will be attainable in the Client area.

The lead time may vary, due to we are keen on efficient evaluation. Usually, the new login credentials will show up on the same or following business day after successfully passing the trading objectives.


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