Becoming a True Forex Funds Trader

Trading is a highly skilled profession, similar to any professional vocation. While mastering trading techniques may be individual, certain difficulties can be resolved by trading with True Forex Funds.

Traders have to deal with a variety of issues, including:

  • Trading a smaller account size, than desired (undercapitalization)
  • Losing money is painful emotionally
  • Distractions and lack of discipline
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Growth limitations
  • Insufficient support from others and the absence of community

Making living as a trader may be challenging, but what if the above can be resolved in a timely manner?

We fund our traders with capital up to $400,000, enabling them to trade sizeable accounts to capitalize on the markets. While we cover their losses, 80% of True Forex Funds funded accounts generated profits go to our traders.

Mistakes in trading may be very costly. Traders who cannot control their emotions may never succeed in the market. We believe in our trader’s sight, this is why no Funded trader is responsible for any losses at True Forex Funds. All losses are covered by us to take off the psychological burdens and realize the long-awaited breakthrough for our clients.

Our realistic trading objectives nurture well-rounded traders regardless of background and experience. Established professionals and first-time attempters alike succeed at True Forex Funds to reach professional and personal goals on their own while accommodating to the ins and outs of the markets.

We listen to and understand our trader’s desires. This is why the program comes with a built-in scaling plan to maximize one’s accomplishment by systemically upgrading accounts with more capital next to payouts is how we pay our tribute to success. Build wealth and grow the account with our Scaling Up Plan.

Our customer care division is evolved around the people we serve. You! Our clients have access to world-class customer service, a contemporary dashboard or a supportive community to be connected.

Finally, the initial fee may be marginal next to the accounts, but it will be also refunded with the first Profit Split from the funded account.


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