Attainable Maximum Capital

We would like to protect the company and our client’s capital by lowering the risk and diversifying the portfolio to ensure funds are distributed evenly.

We can allow as much as $400,000 per trader or strategy, at any given time for any Funded Account.

The Maximum Capital limit is in place for other accounts in other currencies too: €320,000 and £280,000.

Our clients can manage one master account with the max capital or distribute it into smaller accounts of their choice. The possibilities are endless (e.g.: 4x$100,000 or 40x$10,000 etc.).

If it would happen that more accounts have been bought during the evaluation process, we can put them to Rest to comply with the max capital rule and then Activate them if they are needed to begin trading on the Funded program.

Please pay attention not to register for numerous accounts through various registrations, because this is not allowed. This applies to the same strategies by EAs.

To find out more about trading with the attainable max capital, read our Merging Accounts and Copy trading sections, too.

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